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Dracontium nivosum (Lem.) G.H.Zhu (Araceae): range extension from Amazonia to a brejo forest refugium in Northeast Brazil confirmed

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2016
Authors:Andrade, IM, Silva, MFS, Ribeiro, TA, Mayo, SJ
Journal:Check List
Start Page:1
Date Published:22 June 2016
ISSN:ISSN 1809-127X
Keywords:Ceará, Chapada da Ibiapaba, conservation status, range extension, semi-arid Neotropics, spatial analysis, threatened forest fragments

The 558 km range extension of the Amazonian aroid Dracontium nivosum (Lem.) G.H.Zhu into semiarid Northeast Brazil is confirmed. This species occurs in Ceará in threatened fragments of brejo forest at ca. 580–870 m elevation. An illustrated taxonomic description is provided. The species’ Extent of Occurrence (EOO) is estimated as 356,392 km2 (meets Least Concern); the Area of Occupancy (AOO), 60 km2 using a 2×2 km cell (Endangered). Within Ceará the EOO is 41.4 km2 (Critically Endangered) and the AOO is 16 km2 (Endangered).

Taxonomic name: 
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